The good, the bad and the beautiful

Welp... It's been a year and a half since I last posted. As you can tell I'm really great at this writing on a daily basis thing ;) I've never really been good at keeping a journal (though that doesn't stop me from buying every pretty journal that I come across! ... which is all of them, by the way) or even doing mundane tasks such as remembering to take my medicine daily. So why did I think a daily blog would be a good thing?

Probably because I see the many bloggers out there, that share their lives full of crafts, recipes, reviews and rants and I want to be like them. Also, because I like to (over)commit myself to challenges and keep myself busy. So here I am, after applying to at least another ten jobs today, bored out of my mind... why not give this blog thing another shot?

I can't promise that I will remember to post everyday, or that I will be able to stick with the blog much once I graduate in August - but you guys wouldn't believe me anyways would you? I wouldn't expect you to with how many times I've started and stopped this roller coaster of a blog. But here's to hoping that I can use this extra free time between my internship and applying to be a part of the real world (and summer school when it starts) that I can keep up with this better than I have in the past!

So, what have I been up to lately that has been keeping me from this blog, you might find yourself asking.

Well, in the past year and a half I have:

Finished my senior year of college - then I headed into my super senior year! (aka 4th actual year of school at Purdue, fifth year of school total)

Went on vacation with my family to Cancun - which was FANTASTIC! We stayed at the Moon Palace Resort and I would do unspeakable things to have the chance to go back with my family! (The pools! The views! The food! The drinks!)

Interned at RCI as their graphic designer, it gave me the lovely opportunity to find my passion in event design. I was fortunate enough to help plan / design for their summer staff appreciation day - which was camp themed. I had a blast designing around the camp theme and it really sparked my desire to work on event design in the future.

Lived another year at Shoemaker Cooperative, with the amazing young women that I proudly call sisters. One of the best parts of doing a victory lap in college is that you get to spend more time with the people you love, and living at Shoemaker for a third year was beyond special. I got to be a social chair which was a great opportunity for me to work on organizing more social events!

As well as social chair, I had the honor of helping plan Shoemaker's 75th Anniversary Celebration. If you know me, you probably know my crazy obsession with Shoemaker Cooperative, but you've also probably heard me speak about how our alumnae relations aren't the strongest. Since this was our 75th year of sisterhood, four of us got together and had the hair brained idea that we could pull off the reunion while balancing school, work, social lives and other Shoemaker obligations. Luckily for us, all the hard work payed off! We sent out over 700 invitations, had over 100 Shoemaker alumnae attend, raised over $2,500 (yes, I sobbed when I found out how much the alumnae raised for us) and we made bonds with our alumnae that I don't think will ever be broken. All of that in five months! That was the longest I have ever worked on a project and it has inspired me even more to want to work in the field of event design.

Continued to date Clayton (Clay, Claytertots, Clay Pay). We are at four years together now! I'm lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life. :)

I've crafted a ton. Like... a lot. I've made... eight paddles now? I'm kind of obsessed with paddle making. If I could, I would maybe pursue making paddles for a living. There is just something so fun about decorating that boring piece of odd shaped wood and making it into a beautiful, unique, personal gift. I seriously will probably never be done helping others decorate paddles. I'll make a post soon enough showing all of the different ones (that I have photos of) that I've made. I've also really gotten into making hair bows. Personally, I like making them out of felt, it's easy enough and comes in almost any color. My dear friend Caitlin and I decorated coolers for our boyfriends this past spring (in a week! in. a. WEEK!), but we of course also made ourselves drink jugs as well.

Speaking of Caitlin, I was lucky enough to go on spring break with her and Clay and a bunch of our other friends, including Caitlin's boyfriend -  Kyle. Caitlin and I are both in Shoemaker, and Kyle is actually in Gemini Cooperative (just like Caitlin's brother!), so it was neat having a little collection of co-op kids. We went to the Gulf Shores and stayed at the nicest condo that one of our family friend's owns. It was a very relaxing trip, which is just what Caitlin and I needed considering it was our final chance to have a college spring break.

I'm currently interning at Ag Printers, a seed catalog company. I'm one of the two graphic design interns for the summer, and I am loving having the opportunity to work in print design. It almost feels like I am returning to my high school yearbook roots, I spend most of my time working in InDesign and Photoshop, and its a very similar process - starting the design with the cover and then utilizing the themes throughout the catalog. Working here is an amazing opportunity and I'm so glad I was able to find a job that's letting me practice graphic design as I take my final summer course.

I'm trying to think of other things that have happened... I turned 22! Which was cool and all but I'm just ready for 23 to get here. My birthday actually is the day after graduation so I think my college tuition being paid by my (very, very kind) parents will probably end up being my birthday present this year :P

I've also had some not so good times in the past year and a half. Two August's ago I lost a very special friend of mine in a tragic accident. I grew up all around the United States but for a good chunk of my childhood, I lived in Maryland and was neighbors with Elizabeth Nass. She was my very best friend from first grade (when I first met her, upon the first time I ever visited my old house) up until I moved away after fifth grade. Even then, Liz and I still stayed in touch - in fact just a week or so before she passed away she had wished me a happy 21st birthday. To this day I still struggle with her death, partly because I always believed that when I have the opportunity to move back to the East Coast, she and I could have been friends, or at least acquaintances again.

I think its partly due to me moving around so much, but I struggle with feeling so close to people that I have not seen in years. I still consider my two best friends from Ohio, Taylor and Lizzie, to be best friends of mine. We haven't had the chance to see each other in at least seven years, one is married now and they have both moved across the country - but I still love them and still consider them friends. Recently, I was discussing graduation announcements with my mom and I was surprised when she told me that we would probably be only ordering about ten. Ten?! That seems far too few - what about the Ufers - family friends that we have known since I was born? Or Elizabeth's family? I want them to know that I've (finally) graduated! My mom informed me that graduation announcements implied that you expected gifts in return. Color me naive because I really only thought they existed to show you had graduated from high school or college. I thought they were an opportunity to stay close to friends and family.

I guess I mention all of this because sometimes I stress over how upset I still am about Liz's passing. Is it justifiable that I am so saddened by her death - when I had not seen her for ten years? I've come to terms with the fact that it's just who I am as a person. I'm fiercely loyal, to the point of absurdity. I cling on to the memories and people of my past because that's all I have left of the six different states I've lived in. I've never had one home, that's always been there. Gretna Glen (church camp) is my home, as its been a place I've returned to more times than any actual home I've lived in. I still wear my high school class ring - despite graduating five years ago now - and I don't intend on taking it off until I have my Purdue class ring in hand this summer. It's the little things that matter to me a lot, my class ring shows that I've had the opportunity to belong somewhere long enough to be a part of it. My relationships, even with friends or classmates that I haven't seen in five, ten, twelve years mean more to me than I could describe. In my opinion I am still incredibly close to my high school group of friends from Zionsville, despite most of us having graduated college, moved around the country (or the world) and even having started careers. I'm not sure if I will ever stop considering my group of friends (whom I dubbed "DJ and the Friday Night Gang"), my group of friends.

So that's how I've explained my devastation at losing Elizabeth. I lost a part of me that I will never get back, and while the memories are not gone - there will never be an opportunity to create more memories with her. I took off a semester from Purdue to stay at home with my parents, because I needed time to heal. I still feel raw about her death today and I'm not sure if I have even truly accepted it yet. Little by little, it sinks in more and more. If I pull off my dream of returning to the DC area, I'm sure it will finally set in.

Well, now that I've written a short novel about the past year and a half, I think I have everyone (mostly) up to date. I'm sure I have missed some big, important things that I will remember as I try to fall asleep tonight - but I will save those for later. Next time I hope to actually start sharing some photos of the crafts I've been up to!

Thanks for sticking with this post, if you made it this far. And even if you didn't (which you wouldn't be reading this part anyways), thanks for stopping by!

I leave you with a song that makes me cry tears of joy and sadness at the same time, as I think that is exactly what this blog post has been about. The good, the bad and the beautiful.

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Makeover Mondays

I'm trying to stick with the posting on my blog, and seeing as I got sick just in time for Christmas (as per usual) I figured I should use the time I'm laying around in my bed for more than watching all of The Gilmore Girls series.

green house modern

I am in love with this house. To me its the perfect combination of modern and classic, and I really adore the color as well. I showed Clay this house and for once, we both liked the same style of house. I actually found the builder, Culligan Abraham Architecture's facebook. Check them out for their other awesome designs!

reading nook lights comfy pillows garlands

This is the perfect nook. I can certainly imagine curling up on this bed and just reading the day away, which is seriously a dangerous idea. I'm actually trying to think of how to hang curtains or something over my bed at home to create a similar effect. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

nursery yellow rug robin's nest benjamin moore

Even though the need of a nursery is very very very far away from where I am currently in life (or at least I like to think so) this is the most darling nursery ever! I found out from a blog it's been posted on, Charmingly Modern, that the color is Robin's Nest by Benjamin Moore. I also love the combination of prints and the yellow in the rug. Such a sweet space!

shower tub big bathroom tile walk in shower curb appeal rennovations

This might be one of the greatest things I've seen in bathrooms. I'm actually not that big of a fan of large bathrooms because I feel like all of the warm air seems to espace from the shower. So if this just had glass walls that extended to the ceiling, I'd probably like it just that much better. Or maybe I should just stick to small master bedroom bathrooms. You can check out the builder, Curb Appeal Rennovations, website here. They seem to have really unique designs and lots of other cool bathroom ideas! 

house with pool steps outside

This home is in Toronto, CA according to House & Home. I'm not sure what the weather is like in Toronto, but I hope its nice enough that they get to enjoy this gorgeous pool on a regular basis. My family has never had a pool, mostly due to the upkeep and the added costs, and because my parents were firm believers that if we couldn't enjoy it at least 70 percent of the year then there wasn't much of a point. I've pretty much inherited this mentality, so I could only imagine having a home like this if I lived somewhere warmer than Indiana (or most of the Midwest). Besides just the pool, the house is also amazing with all of the lovely windows and the upstairs deck. With or without the pool, I would love to live in this home. 

vintage 70s print sewing desk floral print

I never knew that I could enjoy vintage 70s prints as much as I am right now. I think this unique little corner sewing desk is just adorable, and I'm now trying to think of how I could incorporate prints like these into my room at home. 

built in shelves living room beautiful big windows

One thing every home probably lacks is storage, so I am obsessed with these built ins. We had lots of built in shelves and cabinets in our home and Ohio and they were so useful. Not only are the built ins awesome, but the windows look absolutely stunning. Add the window seats and I'm sold. I know that if I have the opportunity in my future home, I would gladly put in the time and effort to put build ins like this. 

Well, I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve with their families and friends. I need to start getting ready for my family and boyfriend to come over, we are actually serving 15 people tonight! Ham, green beans and potatoes here I come!
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Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

It's been ages and ages and ages since I've last posted, but seeing as its break and I have some free time why not share what I've been up to? My dear friend Becky reminded me of my blog just a few days ago, so this post is dedicated to her and her awesomeness. I am so thankful to have her back from her studies abroad in Peru!

I can not claim to have come up with the idea of a Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust at all, I originally stumbled across the idea via Pinterest. I didn't pay too much attention so I had my mom pick me up some canned cinnamon rolls from the grocery store. If you get anything out of this post let it be this: Don't buy cinnamon rolls. You only need pie crust. Yeah, so today when I finally looked at the recipe's video on Taste for Adventure I found out I just needed a pie crust, cinnamon and butter. Luckily my mom had some in the fridge so I just followed their recipe, the only alteration I made was adding cinnamon sugar on top of the cinnamon.

Mini Cinnamon Rolls Dough Recipe

Here are my mini cinnamon rolls! I had some leftovers so I decided to bake them as treats for my family. 

Mini Cinnamon Rolls Homemade Recipe

Back to the pie crust though, I just gently pressed down on the cinnamon roll dough until I had a somewhat flat layer and then I went about making my apple pie as if it was just a regular crust. 

Mini Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust Homemade Recipe

I forgot to take a picture before putting the pie in the oven, but here it is when it just came out from being baked! My family always does a crumb topping, to me it isn't an apple pie without the crumb topping.
Mini Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Crust Crumb Topping Homemade Recipe

So with tomorrow being Christmas Eve, I know with thirteen family members gathered together the pie will probably be completely devoured as soon as we cut it open. I hope you are all having a lovely winter break and are enjoying time with your family and friends. :) Merry Christmas!
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Things I love...


Happy Poster Whale
1. I love being happy, who doesn't? One of the things I always try to do is put those I run into during the day in a better mood, so this poster encompasses one of my life mottos. 
Bow Sandals
2. These shoes are SO darling, I've actually put them on my birthday wish list over at Pinterest. They are sold at Macy's in case anyone else is coveting them!
Fishtail Hair Tutorial
3. I am in love with beautiful fishtail hairstyles and tomorrow I am going to give this lovely tutorial a shot. You can check out the DIY video here and try it out with me!
Beautiful Curly Hair Black and White
4. Speaking of hair, I'm considering getting a perm again at the end of this summer and this is the perfect hair inspiration. I think if I do go ahead with another perm, I am going to take this photo in to show my stylist exactly how I want it done!
Gradient Nails Sunset Polish
5. Sticking with the beauty theme just for a bit longer, I have been trying to paint my nails more frequently this summer. I just painted these bad boys in a sunset style three days ago and I already want to try something else! This was my first time doing gradient style nails but I actually like how they turned out, not too shabby if I do say so.
Calvin and Hobbes
6. Clay and I have been thinking about good Breakfast Club costumes for this fall since we both will be 21 and one of our favorite ideas is Calvin and Hobbes! We both grew up with these hooligans in our lives and would love to have the chance to personify them!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies
7. While I am lucky enough to be living with Clay this summer, I am also fortunate enough to have been sent back to West Lafayette with some of Mrs Patton's delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies! They are even yummier than they already look. 
8. I love the band Hellogoodbye and I love that they remind me of some of my favorite people and memories. I was blessed to have two amazing best friends when I lived in Ohio, Tay and Lizzie, and before I moved away we attended a Hellogoodbye concert with some of our other close friends. It was one of my favorite concerts I have ever attended and I am so thankful I got to spend at least a few months rocking out to Hellogoodbye with them. :)
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Makeover Mondays

Well would you look at that! Its been over six months since I last posted, life just got too busy for me there. Junior year was a blast in some ways, and in others a complete wreck. Just like high school, I feel like junior year was my worst year of college and I am SO glad it is over. Yay for summer being here! So I am going to try and get back into the groove of things again, and maybe I can post on a daily basis, depending on how much time I have. I am going to be working STAR, which is Purdue's Summer Transition, Advising and Registration Program for incoming new students and I will also be taking a summer class, but I miss blogging so hopefully I can post frequently enough!

Anywho, for todays post I wanted to feature some of the little things that I love in interior design. If I could have any of these details in my future home I would be the luckiest girl in the world!

hot pink front door with crystal knob
I adore the thought of having this door be the first thing guests see when they come to my home! With the hot pink paint and lovely crystal doorknob, I feel like my guests would have a good impression of my personality.
organized design desk
I wish my desk could always look this organized, especially since they don't even seem to be using drawers to hide all their things in! I love all of the design inspiration surrounding their work area, that is something my desk already has. 
baseball wall in nursery
What an adorable nursery, no? I think this is an awesome idea for a children's bedroom, no matter how old they are. 
rainbow painted window shades
Can I have these in every room please? :) Realistically I think they would look best in a kids room, but I would like a set put in my office someday. 
hidden room behind bookshelf
I must do this! Haha I want one to hide things from my (future) children or maybe one that leads to an entire room that is a play area for the kids. I would never have to worry about nagging them to clean it up before guests come over! (I've heard that some fraternities on campus have rooms like this, I only wish Shoemaker did!)
wooden fence with marbles
I am really not a big fan of fences. As in, I never want a fence surrounding my yard, ever. Butttt if I had to have one I would want to do something as darling as this, I'm sure it makes an ugly fence look a lot better!
star lights in ceiling of nursery
I've always had glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, but this is taking it to the next level. I think this looks so absolutely wonderful, I would go as far as putting it in the basement area were we could watch movies and dim the lights so only the stars shined.
neon painted sliding pocket door
I think this is such a creative use of color, and in a way I would have never thought of! My grandparent's house in Florida has some of these, and I bet they would look awesome if I painted them a nice shade of red or hot pink!

So lets hope I remember to post back here again tomorrow, I really would like to get back into a habit of posting again! For now, time to watch The West Wing with Clay!
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Makeover Mondays

Oh my goodness! I am back, can you believe it I finally have a moment to post something! Its been almost a lifetime since I last posted, school has started, I live in Shoemaker now, BGR flew by and I am so so busy! Hopefully I can get back into a regular posting schedule but between school work, serenades practice, house duties, socials and fundraising (oh and trying to fit in my friends too) I can not guarantee anything! I have missed posting, and there are so many things for me to share with you all, so to get back into the routine here is some makeover ideas!

pink fridge dainty kitchen
I really think the wallpaper in this kitchen is darling, but the highlight is the pink fridge! I wouldn't mind having one in my future home. : )
robins egg blue office flowers
Robins Egg Blue! In case you didn't know I am a bit obsessed with this color... and the flower details on the wall are adorable. I think I would always be inspired in this office!
pink classy bedroom
I want this room so badly! Pink, light blue and silver are my favorite colors and the collaboration of modern and vintage in this room make me so happy!
flower wall picture frame
So I may do this in our room here at Shoe... we currently need some decorations for our walls and I think this would be such a fun idea! 
white sitting room with big circle window
Why am I always so attracted to white rooms? I love color yet the all white deco always seems to open up small spaces, though this unique circle window definitely "adds" a lot of space! 
treehouse kids bedroom
If I was a kid (heck even now) and I walked into this room I would probably scream with delight. This is such a fun and cute way to decorate a kids room, and would be perfect for boys and girls! I just want to climb up into the treehouse loft and read a book. 
hello kitty bedroom
While I love Hello Kitty, I don't think I will be decorating my room like this anytime soon... but the big red bow pillows are so much fun!
blue lights loft
This entire mini kitchen is creative, but I WANT that loft! I also appreciate the kitty stair steps on the wall.
bright colored room with ice cream sandwich bench
Would you be shocked if I told you I passed up the opportunity to buy the ice cream sandwich bench recently? Sadly that is a true story... I wish I could have bought it but I know for sure my mom would have killed me. Next time though that bench will be mine! This room is so funky and eclectic and while it may be meant for a teen girl... I want it to be my room now. 

Thats all for now, I hope to be posting again real soon, maybe even tomorrow if I get a chance! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog again. It means a lot to me. : D
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Whimsical Wednesday

I am running a little late on posting today, but that is only because I have been working on creating a new logo for the subreddit about Purdue! For those of you who don't know what Reddit is, it is a fabulous website where people from all around the world collectively put up information and images that they enjoy. You can personalize your interests (such as the Purdue subreddit) so that the information on your front page is things you are especially interested in! I highly suggest this website if you enjoy stumbleupon, and it is mega addicting. You have been warned! But anyways, on to your regularly programed Whimsical Wednesday post!

rapunzel birthday invitation
rainbow colored soaps
hermiones time turner
turquoise and red heels
cuddle weather
pink blossom
cold feet
pink glittery xbox controller
cute robot stuffed animals
you look super cute when you smile
harry potter buttons
disneys electrical parade
reasons for not talking
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