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Happy Poster Whale
1. I love being happy, who doesn't? One of the things I always try to do is put those I run into during the day in a better mood, so this poster encompasses one of my life mottos. 
Bow Sandals
2. These shoes are SO darling, I've actually put them on my birthday wish list over at Pinterest. They are sold at Macy's in case anyone else is coveting them!
Fishtail Hair Tutorial
3. I am in love with beautiful fishtail hairstyles and tomorrow I am going to give this lovely tutorial a shot. You can check out the DIY video here and try it out with me!
Beautiful Curly Hair Black and White
4. Speaking of hair, I'm considering getting a perm again at the end of this summer and this is the perfect hair inspiration. I think if I do go ahead with another perm, I am going to take this photo in to show my stylist exactly how I want it done!
Gradient Nails Sunset Polish
5. Sticking with the beauty theme just for a bit longer, I have been trying to paint my nails more frequently this summer. I just painted these bad boys in a sunset style three days ago and I already want to try something else! This was my first time doing gradient style nails but I actually like how they turned out, not too shabby if I do say so.
Calvin and Hobbes
6. Clay and I have been thinking about good Breakfast Club costumes for this fall since we both will be 21 and one of our favorite ideas is Calvin and Hobbes! We both grew up with these hooligans in our lives and would love to have the chance to personify them!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies
7. While I am lucky enough to be living with Clay this summer, I am also fortunate enough to have been sent back to West Lafayette with some of Mrs Patton's delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies! They are even yummier than they already look. 
8. I love the band Hellogoodbye and I love that they remind me of some of my favorite people and memories. I was blessed to have two amazing best friends when I lived in Ohio, Tay and Lizzie, and before I moved away we attended a Hellogoodbye concert with some of our other close friends. It was one of my favorite concerts I have ever attended and I am so thankful I got to spend at least a few months rocking out to Hellogoodbye with them. :)
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Makeover Mondays

Well would you look at that! Its been over six months since I last posted, life just got too busy for me there. Junior year was a blast in some ways, and in others a complete wreck. Just like high school, I feel like junior year was my worst year of college and I am SO glad it is over. Yay for summer being here! So I am going to try and get back into the groove of things again, and maybe I can post on a daily basis, depending on how much time I have. I am going to be working STAR, which is Purdue's Summer Transition, Advising and Registration Program for incoming new students and I will also be taking a summer class, but I miss blogging so hopefully I can post frequently enough!

Anywho, for todays post I wanted to feature some of the little things that I love in interior design. If I could have any of these details in my future home I would be the luckiest girl in the world!

hot pink front door with crystal knob
I adore the thought of having this door be the first thing guests see when they come to my home! With the hot pink paint and lovely crystal doorknob, I feel like my guests would have a good impression of my personality.
organized design desk
I wish my desk could always look this organized, especially since they don't even seem to be using drawers to hide all their things in! I love all of the design inspiration surrounding their work area, that is something my desk already has. 
baseball wall in nursery
What an adorable nursery, no? I think this is an awesome idea for a children's bedroom, no matter how old they are. 
rainbow painted window shades
Can I have these in every room please? :) Realistically I think they would look best in a kids room, but I would like a set put in my office someday. 
hidden room behind bookshelf
I must do this! Haha I want one to hide things from my (future) children or maybe one that leads to an entire room that is a play area for the kids. I would never have to worry about nagging them to clean it up before guests come over! (I've heard that some fraternities on campus have rooms like this, I only wish Shoemaker did!)
wooden fence with marbles
I am really not a big fan of fences. As in, I never want a fence surrounding my yard, ever. Butttt if I had to have one I would want to do something as darling as this, I'm sure it makes an ugly fence look a lot better!
star lights in ceiling of nursery
I've always had glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, but this is taking it to the next level. I think this looks so absolutely wonderful, I would go as far as putting it in the basement area were we could watch movies and dim the lights so only the stars shined.
neon painted sliding pocket door
I think this is such a creative use of color, and in a way I would have never thought of! My grandparent's house in Florida has some of these, and I bet they would look awesome if I painted them a nice shade of red or hot pink!

So lets hope I remember to post back here again tomorrow, I really would like to get back into a habit of posting again! For now, time to watch The West Wing with Clay!
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