Whimsical Wednesday

I am running a little late on posting today, but that is only because I have been working on creating a new logo for the subreddit about Purdue! For those of you who don't know what Reddit is, it is a fabulous website where people from all around the world collectively put up information and images that they enjoy. You can personalize your interests (such as the Purdue subreddit) so that the information on your front page is things you are especially interested in! I highly suggest this website if you enjoy stumbleupon, and it is mega addicting. You have been warned! But anyways, on to your regularly programed Whimsical Wednesday post!

rapunzel birthday invitation
rainbow colored soaps
hermiones time turner
turquoise and red heels
cuddle weather
pink blossom
cold feet
pink glittery xbox controller
cute robot stuffed animals
you look super cute when you smile
harry potter buttons
disneys electrical parade
reasons for not talking
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Things I love...

Oh Hello August
1. It's my birthday month! I finally turn the big 2-0! Two decades old and I will beat out teen pregnancy and still be car accident free (hopefully! eight days left)! Also, time to start up school and BGR is finally here!
Bow Nails
2. I would pay for this manicure, and I never get my nails done professionally!
Fabric Xbox
3. This is such an adorable craft, it reminds me of when I made a camera out of felt for my all time favorite teacher, Mrs Jared. It even has a cord to connect the controller! They did such a fabulous job.
Cute Boy and Girl
4. Something tells me that these are engagement photos, and I just love the whole composition, but I want her whole outfit! I actually am out on a hunt for some nice patent leather nude heels right now.
Ramona's Number
5. Seven deadly exes! I love love love love Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, I think I have seen the movie about twenty times now and I own all of the graphic novels too.
Butterflies and Baloons
6. I am an eternal optimist and this picture just makes my soul smile. : )
Girl holding pillows
7. My bed is covered in pillows, body pillows, a giant heart pillow, pillows made by my mom and a giant care bear. They help me feel safe at night.
8. Paper art can be so beautiful! I would frame this and hang it above my desk as constant inspiration! 
If you stuck with Harry till the end
9. I just got my Pottermore account this morning! I will always stick with Harry Potter.
Red Bow Shoes
10. I think red shoes are one of my weaknesses and heels with bows are another. I wish I could own these!
I heart you
11. They have this print at Target and I want it oh so badly!
Easy A
12. I just re-watched Easy A with my girl friends the other day and Emma Stone still makes me laugh every time.  
God thinks you are beautiful
13. Does this need any explanation?
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