Makeover Mondays

I'm trying to get back into the daily grind of posting blog posts, my math class ends tomorrow and I really have missed this creative outlet for sharing my favorite things! I've been quite humbled by hearing from lots of friends and acquaintances about how much they enjoyed my random blogings, and as promised I am trying to resume with my posts! I've been plenty busy trying new recipes, crafting and working on my room at Shoemaker, so I will try to catch everyone up on the different things I have been doing. There will definitely be a Makeover Monday post covering our Shoemaker room as we have done quite a magnificent job on redecorating it! As for now you will just have to deal with looking at some of my favorite new makeover ideas!
blue and pick floral walls
I am not quite sure what what type of wallpaper has been used on this wall, but it is ridiculously beautiful! I think I may have to leave behind the idea my mom put in my head about all wallpaper being evil since this is gorgeous! I especially like the color scheme and the semi metallic look of the paper!, it reminds me of my mirror project!
outdoor movie theatre
Would you not die if your backyard looked like this? I definitely would at least faint. 
pink room
I don't think its a coincidence that most of my favorite makeover ideas use christmas lights in the design. Window seat? Check! Twinkle Lights? Check! Fun Colors? Check! Bookshelves? Check!
huge shoe closet
Now this is a room I think we need to have in Shoemaker! If we just got each member to donate one pair of shoes we could easily have an amazing shoe closet like this one! Then we could just check them out like books in a library. The perfect idea to complete Shoe!
yellow and red office
I love how light and open this room feels, the lemon yellow makes the walls look so cheery! And I always love some red accents, everything about this room makes such a nice office!
So I am like a hundred and ten percent positive this is a dorm room, and that makes me jealous because it is even cooler than how I decorated my dorm rooms! I did the same clothespin photo hanging in my last room (such an easy and nice way to add photos to a room! I am definitely doing it again this year) but I love how they decided to put their dresser in the closet and hang up their own curtains. Such a nice touch! 
green book nook
Ahhh book nooks. Will I ever have enough of them? I would take it them in green, black, beige or hot pink, as long as I could have a book nook.
white and pink bedroom
I barely notice the white walls with all of the color going on elsewhere! This is such a good example of how you dont need to paint your walls to add lots of color to a room, and I love the blue/pink combo. 
floral living room
Haha the first thing I notice looking at this picture is The Waltons playing on the television! While this room is a bit overdone in the girly/grandma design, I do like elements such as the (twinkle lights) wallpaper and robins egg blue trash can.
bright blue curtains
Electric blue curtains I want you! Everything about this room is adorable, especially the mix-matched fabric prints.

And maybe I will jinx myself again, but I am going to try and make sure to post more frequently again. I will be pretty busy pretty much ALWAYS but I will try to make less excuses and make this blog happen!

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