Makeover Mondays

Oh my goodness! I am back, can you believe it I finally have a moment to post something! Its been almost a lifetime since I last posted, school has started, I live in Shoemaker now, BGR flew by and I am so so busy! Hopefully I can get back into a regular posting schedule but between school work, serenades practice, house duties, socials and fundraising (oh and trying to fit in my friends too) I can not guarantee anything! I have missed posting, and there are so many things for me to share with you all, so to get back into the routine here is some makeover ideas!

pink fridge dainty kitchen
I really think the wallpaper in this kitchen is darling, but the highlight is the pink fridge! I wouldn't mind having one in my future home. : )
robins egg blue office flowers
Robins Egg Blue! In case you didn't know I am a bit obsessed with this color... and the flower details on the wall are adorable. I think I would always be inspired in this office!
pink classy bedroom
I want this room so badly! Pink, light blue and silver are my favorite colors and the collaboration of modern and vintage in this room make me so happy!
flower wall picture frame
So I may do this in our room here at Shoe... we currently need some decorations for our walls and I think this would be such a fun idea! 
white sitting room with big circle window
Why am I always so attracted to white rooms? I love color yet the all white deco always seems to open up small spaces, though this unique circle window definitely "adds" a lot of space! 
treehouse kids bedroom
If I was a kid (heck even now) and I walked into this room I would probably scream with delight. This is such a fun and cute way to decorate a kids room, and would be perfect for boys and girls! I just want to climb up into the treehouse loft and read a book. 
hello kitty bedroom
While I love Hello Kitty, I don't think I will be decorating my room like this anytime soon... but the big red bow pillows are so much fun!
blue lights loft
This entire mini kitchen is creative, but I WANT that loft! I also appreciate the kitty stair steps on the wall.
bright colored room with ice cream sandwich bench
Would you be shocked if I told you I passed up the opportunity to buy the ice cream sandwich bench recently? Sadly that is a true story... I wish I could have bought it but I know for sure my mom would have killed me. Next time though that bench will be mine! This room is so funky and eclectic and while it may be meant for a teen girl... I want it to be my room now. 

Thats all for now, I hope to be posting again real soon, maybe even tomorrow if I get a chance! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog again. It means a lot to me. : D
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Whimsical Wednesday

I am running a little late on posting today, but that is only because I have been working on creating a new logo for the subreddit about Purdue! For those of you who don't know what Reddit is, it is a fabulous website where people from all around the world collectively put up information and images that they enjoy. You can personalize your interests (such as the Purdue subreddit) so that the information on your front page is things you are especially interested in! I highly suggest this website if you enjoy stumbleupon, and it is mega addicting. You have been warned! But anyways, on to your regularly programed Whimsical Wednesday post!

rapunzel birthday invitation
rainbow colored soaps
hermiones time turner
turquoise and red heels
cuddle weather
pink blossom
cold feet
pink glittery xbox controller
cute robot stuffed animals
you look super cute when you smile
harry potter buttons
disneys electrical parade
reasons for not talking
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Things I love...

Oh Hello August
1. It's my birthday month! I finally turn the big 2-0! Two decades old and I will beat out teen pregnancy and still be car accident free (hopefully! eight days left)! Also, time to start up school and BGR is finally here!
Bow Nails
2. I would pay for this manicure, and I never get my nails done professionally!
Fabric Xbox
3. This is such an adorable craft, it reminds me of when I made a camera out of felt for my all time favorite teacher, Mrs Jared. It even has a cord to connect the controller! They did such a fabulous job.
Cute Boy and Girl
4. Something tells me that these are engagement photos, and I just love the whole composition, but I want her whole outfit! I actually am out on a hunt for some nice patent leather nude heels right now.
Ramona's Number
5. Seven deadly exes! I love love love love Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, I think I have seen the movie about twenty times now and I own all of the graphic novels too.
Butterflies and Baloons
6. I am an eternal optimist and this picture just makes my soul smile. : )
Girl holding pillows
7. My bed is covered in pillows, body pillows, a giant heart pillow, pillows made by my mom and a giant care bear. They help me feel safe at night.
8. Paper art can be so beautiful! I would frame this and hang it above my desk as constant inspiration! 
If you stuck with Harry till the end
9. I just got my Pottermore account this morning! I will always stick with Harry Potter.
Red Bow Shoes
10. I think red shoes are one of my weaknesses and heels with bows are another. I wish I could own these!
I heart you
11. They have this print at Target and I want it oh so badly!
Easy A
12. I just re-watched Easy A with my girl friends the other day and Emma Stone still makes me laugh every time.  
God thinks you are beautiful
13. Does this need any explanation?
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Makeover Mondays

I'm trying to get back into the daily grind of posting blog posts, my math class ends tomorrow and I really have missed this creative outlet for sharing my favorite things! I've been quite humbled by hearing from lots of friends and acquaintances about how much they enjoyed my random blogings, and as promised I am trying to resume with my posts! I've been plenty busy trying new recipes, crafting and working on my room at Shoemaker, so I will try to catch everyone up on the different things I have been doing. There will definitely be a Makeover Monday post covering our Shoemaker room as we have done quite a magnificent job on redecorating it! As for now you will just have to deal with looking at some of my favorite new makeover ideas!
blue and pick floral walls
I am not quite sure what what type of wallpaper has been used on this wall, but it is ridiculously beautiful! I think I may have to leave behind the idea my mom put in my head about all wallpaper being evil since this is gorgeous! I especially like the color scheme and the semi metallic look of the paper!, it reminds me of my mirror project!
outdoor movie theatre
Would you not die if your backyard looked like this? I definitely would at least faint. 
pink room
I don't think its a coincidence that most of my favorite makeover ideas use christmas lights in the design. Window seat? Check! Twinkle Lights? Check! Fun Colors? Check! Bookshelves? Check!
huge shoe closet
Now this is a room I think we need to have in Shoemaker! If we just got each member to donate one pair of shoes we could easily have an amazing shoe closet like this one! Then we could just check them out like books in a library. The perfect idea to complete Shoe!
yellow and red office
I love how light and open this room feels, the lemon yellow makes the walls look so cheery! And I always love some red accents, everything about this room makes such a nice office!
So I am like a hundred and ten percent positive this is a dorm room, and that makes me jealous because it is even cooler than how I decorated my dorm rooms! I did the same clothespin photo hanging in my last room (such an easy and nice way to add photos to a room! I am definitely doing it again this year) but I love how they decided to put their dresser in the closet and hang up their own curtains. Such a nice touch! 
green book nook
Ahhh book nooks. Will I ever have enough of them? I would take it them in green, black, beige or hot pink, as long as I could have a book nook.
white and pink bedroom
I barely notice the white walls with all of the color going on elsewhere! This is such a good example of how you dont need to paint your walls to add lots of color to a room, and I love the blue/pink combo. 
floral living room
Haha the first thing I notice looking at this picture is The Waltons playing on the television! While this room is a bit overdone in the girly/grandma design, I do like elements such as the (twinkle lights) wallpaper and robins egg blue trash can.
bright blue curtains
Electric blue curtains I want you! Everything about this room is adorable, especially the mix-matched fabric prints.

And maybe I will jinx myself again, but I am going to try and make sure to post more frequently again. I will be pretty busy pretty much ALWAYS but I will try to make less excuses and make this blog happen!
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Banana Split Shooters

I've been wanting to do something special for my mom for a little while now, and after I found this recipe I knew this was a perfect match for making her happy, bananas, chocolate and simplicity!

There isn't as much a recipe as there is a few simple instructions which you can follow after the photos!

banana split shooters
I had to take my photos quick, they were melting fast!
banana split shooters
My mom enjoying hers. : )

banana split shooters
I liked to get all of the ice cream out before eating the bottom half.
banana split shooters
Notice my sister, Leigh, sporting her Purdue shirt? 
banana split shooters
And my sisters's boyfriend enjoying his shooter.

You will need:
Chocolate for dipping
Ice Cream
Whipped Cream

So the steps are rather simple, cut bananas into one inch sections with the peel still on. With the peel on, hollow out some of the center for ice cream. I used a grape fruit spoon, but a small melon baller would be ideal. Take off the peel and dip bottoms into melted chocolate, then dip in sprinkles. To solidify the chocolate quickly you can freeze them for a few minutes on wax paper. Take the bananas and then scoop in a small portion of ice cream to fit the carved hole. Top with whipped cream and cherry and you are done!

Pardon me for not posting a printable recipe, these instructions are so simple I feel like its not needed! 

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