Things I love...

Oh Hello August
1. It's my birthday month! I finally turn the big 2-0! Two decades old and I will beat out teen pregnancy and still be car accident free (hopefully! eight days left)! Also, time to start up school and BGR is finally here!
Bow Nails
2. I would pay for this manicure, and I never get my nails done professionally!
Fabric Xbox
3. This is such an adorable craft, it reminds me of when I made a camera out of felt for my all time favorite teacher, Mrs Jared. It even has a cord to connect the controller! They did such a fabulous job.
Cute Boy and Girl
4. Something tells me that these are engagement photos, and I just love the whole composition, but I want her whole outfit! I actually am out on a hunt for some nice patent leather nude heels right now.
Ramona's Number
5. Seven deadly exes! I love love love love Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, I think I have seen the movie about twenty times now and I own all of the graphic novels too.
Butterflies and Baloons
6. I am an eternal optimist and this picture just makes my soul smile. : )
Girl holding pillows
7. My bed is covered in pillows, body pillows, a giant heart pillow, pillows made by my mom and a giant care bear. They help me feel safe at night.
8. Paper art can be so beautiful! I would frame this and hang it above my desk as constant inspiration! 
If you stuck with Harry till the end
9. I just got my Pottermore account this morning! I will always stick with Harry Potter.
Red Bow Shoes
10. I think red shoes are one of my weaknesses and heels with bows are another. I wish I could own these!
I heart you
11. They have this print at Target and I want it oh so badly!
Easy A
12. I just re-watched Easy A with my girl friends the other day and Emma Stone still makes me laugh every time.  
God thinks you are beautiful
13. Does this need any explanation?

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