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Well today has been quite the busy day, it was a pleasant taste of what summer will hopefully be like. I had a chance to finally see my sister play lacrosse and it was a pretty good game, she even scored. : ] After that I went to go get groceries with my mom from Marsh, I decided to make a very delicious Alfredo Tortellini for my family. Sadly I forgot to take pictures, but it was so yummy. The secret ingredient was cream cheese in the sauce, which my dad typically doesn't like. I surprised him at the end and let him know that what he had just enjoyed contained it. I think he took the news rather well! Here is the recipe, I added it to my collection and will try to use it next year when I am living at Shoe!

Alfredo Tortellini

Then after dinner I worked on my first recipe of the summer (It's kinda summer), Homemade Oreos! I got the idea from With Sprinkles on Top, an awesome website with really cool recipes. I was excited to try it out, but since making them have decided that they aren't my favorite to bake. The cookies taste delicious and just like real oreos, but the dough was rather dry so it wasn't much fun to work with, and due to the fact that it makes sandwiches, I only ended up with 25 cookies. I'm more of a fan of tons of cookies (thats why I love to bake oatmeal cookies) because there are more to share, but anywho I am sure this will make my family and friends happy, they will just have to fight over them. : ) I was nervous I wasn't going to have enough frosting (I am a big fan of double stuffed oreos, if they aren't double stuffed, why bother?) so I just added some extra crisco, powdered sugar and vanilla to make more. Of course I ended up with a bit extra and all of my cookies are triple stuffed, but at least no one is getting too little frosting. I'm going to try and take some back to my friends at Purdue tomorrow, that is if my family doesn't eat them all tomorrow! Here is the recipe for the Homemade Oreos, I would rate the cookies themselves about a 4/10 on my favorite cookie scale.

Homemade Oreos


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