Has been going up for me since about this time last year. I don't know what to say triggered it, but it may have just had to do with me figuring out that Purdue was the best place for me. Since then, I have spent many nights worrying, but God has consistently been delivering for me. When I first thought about transferring to Purdue I was really worried about even getting in, but not even a week after applying was I accepted. Then I found out all of my credits transferred, except for one class I didn't even need at Purdue. Next came scheduling and figuring out housing, this part was a bit trickier, especially since I was out of the state all summer. But luckily enough for me, my academic advisor made it so simple for me to schedule the right classes by talking me through it over the phone, and I got the perfect schedule, not even starting before 11 am. Housing had me worried all summer, by the time I had come back to my home in Indiana in early August I still hadn't been placed in a residence hall. I really wanted to live on campus so I could make friends and just enjoy that aspect of Purdue's student life, and I was concerned that there wouldn't be any rooms for me. I had even been notified by Purdue that I might be placed in temporary housing, but sure enough, a week before I was supposed to move in for the fall, I found out I was placed in my first choice hall! I was so excited, and so thankful everything had worked out. And my good fortune just kept coming, with partaking in Boiler Gold Rush, Purdue's new student orientation, I had the chance to meet many awesome transfer students and other new students. Those were friendships I still have today, and I was so inspired by how amazing the program was, that I knew I wanted to be a part of it the next year. I started my classes in the fall and had amazing professors, and was treated fairly by everyone. I made new friends, and still had time to visit my old ones back at Ball State. In the late fall my family experienced some hard times, but I really couldn't then, and still cant today, view it as a negative thing. We are working through it all, and I thank God everyday for helping us with this tough situation. Even still, with something that could be seen as a bad thing, my friends stuck with me and were always supportive and loving. Right before break I was asked to become part of two new Marking and Media committees on campus, and both of those have provided me with amazing opportunities through Purdue. When school started back up I got terribly sick and had to come back home for a week, missing all of my classes, something that can be devastating to a semester of work. When I reached out to my professors to let them know, all of them responded positively and kindly, and I was able to make up the work I missed, and catch back up in the semester. I even was able to make an awesome new friend in one of my classes, something I am always appreciative of. : ) Then came one of the biggest opportunities I had been waiting for, Boiler Gold Rush Team Leader Call-outs. BGR had effected me in such a great way, I knew I wanted to try and be in charge of a group of new students for the next school year's program, whether they be transfer students or just regular new students. The application process was intimidating, but fun, and after a few weeks of waiting, I found out I was going to be a team leader for this years BGR! Once again, I asked and God delivered. At the same time I was participating in rush for the Co-operative system at Purdue, something I will explain in greater detail another time. I was nervous, especially for getting into a house I felt comfortable in. Once again the process was fun, and when I finally found out what house I was in, I have to admit, I was rather disappointed. When I had visited Shoemaker, the house that I am now going to live in next year, I hadn't felt very welcome for a few different reasons, but still I was so in love with the co-op system I decided to take the plunge and go for it. I have yet to look back, after interacting with the girls in Shoe multiple times now, I know what I experienced was a fluke, and that all of the ladies that live in the house are amazing women. I am so excited to move in! Finally, it was all coming down to my biggest fear and source of worry since I transfered to Purdue, the portfolio review to get into my major. I was somewhat nervous for the review, but not nearly as nervous as I was for finding out the results. On the day of my review, everything went beautifully, including starting my day off by getting randomly kind compliments from some middle school girls on my suit and heels. By the end of my review (which lasted a whopping 15 minutes) I felt relieved and satisfied. If you know anything about me though, you will know that when I feel like something is going great, I am dead wrong. Well this time I wasn't. After a year of God showing me that I was choosing the right way, of Him pointing me down the correct path and of God delivering all that I need, I was accepted into the Visual Communications program at Purdue University. I can finally say I am studying Visual Communications, without having to point out that I am not accepted into the program yet. I thank my friends, my family and most importantly God, for getting me to where I am today. I would not be here if it weren't for everyone having so much faith in me. I love you all. <3
I apologize for this being a ridiculously long post and I realize no one actually is reading this yet. Oh well. : )

Oh! And the Jukebox the Ghost concert was FANTASTIC! Wakey!Wakey! is a new favorite band of mine.


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