Makeover Mondays

Holla! Its a little bit past Monday but I will still post the intended home inspiration pictures! I have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine and warm weather northern Indiana has been getting, it has been so wonderful lately! I have been lucky to go swimming with some of my wonderful friends, something I rarely do this early in the summer but the water has been so warm! I also started to help out my family with some of the issues we have been having on our old mac desktop, its running rather slow now since it is six years old so I am looking to take off most of the excessive stuff on it. Hopefully I don't mess it up! I have also been playing a lot of Mass Effect at my friend Clay's house, I am still trying to beat it! I probably drive him insane, I want to try and play as much of the game as possible before I beat it and since there are so many options and different story lines it has been taking me quite a while. Oh! And for anyone who hasn't heard, Xmen is wonderful and you should stop what you are doing and go see it immediately.

green victorian style home
This gorgeous victorian style home actually has some rather interesting interior decorations, all in the steam punk style! 
white bookshelf lined spiral stairs
I am obsessed with bookshelves, and I really would like to have this much space for books, art and other collectables. I would love to think that little kid toys could be kept on lower shelves and some would be reserved for cats to climb on.
wooden type desk
This entire desk area is so neat, especially with all of the typography influences (the fronts of the cabinet doors are covered in type). I would like to use this as a high desk area in my dream craft room.
tree house kids room
What little kid (or adult) wouldn't love this?! The whole stage area is so awesome, great for play and pretending, and underneath has lots of storage! Hiding a column by making it into a tree is also a clever way to include the design in this amazing kids room. 
canopy bed
This whole room setup looks rather elegant, I wish I could see more of the mirror that is on the wall. I like the colors they chose to decorate it in a lot, and I would love to have a canopy like that over my bed. 
painted tables
WhileI don't think I would use such a low sitting table for a desk, I do like the idea of painting the old furniture to match each other. I also like the pictures all collected on the wall with clothes pins! I did something very similar in my dorm room this past year.
dining room with tall book shelves
More bookshelves! Like I said, I want some in every room, so I am glad to see that idea carried out other peoples homes. I particularly enjoy that the top shelves are rather barren, just like mine would be with how short I am!

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