Time is flying by!

Alas, I totally have been slacking again. Woops. I have been busy babysitting (yay!) and hanging out with some friends. The weather has been pretttyyy nice out (sorry I am like an old person constantly talking about the weather but it plays such a big part of my summer activities!) and I got to go to the pool with my friend Kelly the other day. Later that night we went and saw Bridesmaids along with our other friend Katie. That movie was hilarious! I am hoping to go see Super 8 tomorrow with my friend Danny, it got an 82 percent on Rotten Tomatoes so it must be pretty good! Tonight for dinner I made this delicious alfredo tortellini for the second time. Everyone really seems to like it and I appreciate the fact that we already have all of the ingredients. It is a really easy meal, great for college cooking! Here is how mine turned out,

Alfredo Tortellini  
I like to add peas to mine and we use both tortellini and ravioli. 

Some other things I have been up to were stopping by for a visit to Lowes to see my friend Clay, who works in the garden section, and the bwaybway birdies that hatched this week! He has been looking out for the little fellers since he first started about a month ago, when they were first eggs. Apparently the mother bird keeps an eye out on them as she flys around and socializes with the other birds living it up at Lowes. 
Baby Birdies  
Aren't they so cute!? One of the other workers moved the grass when I took this shot and I am pretty sure they were hoping it was their mother showing up to give them a snack. 

I also made pancakes today. Chocolate chip pancakes of course! I felt like making them in cool shapes so I found our heart cookie cutter and a square cookie cutter and made delicious pancakes! Here is the most perfect square, I am rather proud of it.
Square Pancake  
Ahh yes, I know you are all just reveling in what an amazingly interesting life I live aren't you? : P If anyone ever want to join me on my fantastical adventures just let me know!

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