Delicious & Healthy!

For my special diabetic friends out there I took some time to look up some yummy and easy looking recipes! Who knows? Maybe I will  have to try a few out this summer!

Alfredo Pasta

I am all about pasta and boy do I know how bad it can be for ones figure. This recipe looks so good, yet the ingredients aren't that bad for you!

Dessert can often be a dangerous subject for diabetics, so I've chosen to solely base these recipes on the most delicious food group, FRUIT!

This mousse looks absolutely stunning, but sounds more like applesauce to me. Hey! no complaints on my part, fruit is so good!

Similarly looking, this Cantaloupe flavored soup looks quite yummy!



{ Shelby } at: May 2, 2011 at 6:21 PM said...

Mhmm lemon. : ) Such a sour fruit!

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