Went to go see Thor at the local movie theatre tonight with my friends Kelly, Becky, Holly, Tyler and Payahm. It was a pretty fantastic movie and a great start to my summer blockbusters. The previews were also fantabulous with movies like Super 8, Captain America, X-Men First Class and Cowboys & Aliens. They all are movies I want to see! I am really into sci-fi and action movies so I am excited for a summer full of comic book hero stories and of course, my favorite, Harry Potter! I have a feeling the film industry is gonna love all of the money I will be pouring into it... I mean, I even asked tonight when HP7 tickets go on sale (sadly not for a while).

But back to Thor, the movie was exactly what I wanted out if it, luckily I have never been a hardcore Thor fan so it wasn't hard to please me (unlike the Wolverine movie... le sigh), but it included enough of the back story in an interesting way so that it kept my attention and I wasn't confused the entire time. I always enjoy little easter eggs such as the phone calls the S.H.E.I.L.D. agent kept taking, the references to the Hulk and the Green Arrow (I knew as soon as the guy went for the arrow instead of the guns he was about to be included) and all of the other random tidbits that connected this movie to the rest of the Marvel series. The plot wasn't flat (while it was quite predictable) and I enjoyed all of the action scenes. I was also pleased because the trailer didn't give away all of the best parts so I feel like it is definitely worth going to see. Also, Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth are totally hot together and the chemistry made the movie just that much better.

If you are looking for a fun summer movie that stars hot lead characters (Kat Dennings is in it too!) and has a neat story line then this is the movie to start off your summer with!

Tomorrow I will post the photos of my baking venture from today (Raspberry Lemon Bars!), they were supposed to be up tonight, but since I was going through and editing my photos to fit into the recipe, its taking a bit longer than I expected. I promise they will be up tomorrow though!

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