Back at the good old 'ville! I can't believe my first year at Purdue is over (I transferred in the fall, I am a sophomore for all of those that don't know me personally!), it went incredibly well! I am starting my summer routine tomorrow and I can't wait for my summer to really begin! Tomorrow night I am having some lovely ladies over for fondue and I seriously can't wait. We have a lot of catching up to do and all of them besides me go to Indiana University so I have missed out on so much this past year! I am sure we will all have hilarious stories to share and we will all celebrate getting through another year of university. It will be interesting to see how much we have changed in the past year (we got together at the end of last school year) and I am excited to be here the whole summer with them. I will miss working at Gretna Glen, the church camp I had attended for nine years as a camper, and last year worked at as a counselor. It's in Mt. Gretna, PA (close to Hershey) and I had an amazing time there as a counselor. While I wish I could return to them this year I do have to attend summer classes and hopefully get a job at home. I know that this year's counselors will have just as good of a time as I did last summer. Are any of you doing summer school or working at jobs? I hope that anyone finishing up with finals does well! Best of luck to you all!

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