Junior Status

Goodbye sophomore year, hello being a junior! Today I finished my last final of the semester, but I don't head home until Thursday. Tomorrow I will be running some errands around campus and hanging out with my friends before going back to the good old 'ville. This year has been such a good year to me and I only hope that this summer and next school year will bring me as much joy. I'm trying to find a permanent full-time babysitting job for this summer, and I am definitely going to stay busy with crafting, baking, hanging out with friends and blogging. If your going to stick with me throughout the summer, I thank you! If all else fails, you can always check up for the photos. : ) It's hard to believe I am halfway done with college, it really has seemed to fly! Next year I will be living in the awesome cooperative, Shoemaker, and I will be a BGR TL at the beginning of the school year! I'm excited to find out where I will placed in the program and eventually meet the new students in my group. There is so much to look forward to, and so much to be thankful for! Short term, I am having some of my fabulous friends from home over on Friday for a fondue night. We are all very excited to get back together and chat while enjoying all sorts of treats dipped in chocolate! I'm also hoping to watch a bunch of movies, and go see Thor! I am very pumped for all of the comic book hero movies coming out this summer, and especially the new Harry Potter movie! Well that is enough of my ramblings for tonight.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

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