Makeover Mondays

On Mondays I am going to highlight some of my favorite home decoration ideas. I look forward to the day I can design and decorate my own home (or apartment or townhouse, I'm not picky) and I am lucky enough to have the chance to live in Shoemaker next year, which does let us renovate our rooms! I'm currently talking to my roommates to see what they are interested in doing to the room. Anyways, let the awesome ideas commence!

I would love to live in this adorable garage flipped into a home, wouldn't you? 
Down Size My Space has the entire story about the home including tons of more pictures.

This amazing idea of having a slide is one of my favorites that is often seen on the internet. I really like the clean and modern approach this designer used, but I would be happy to have any slide in my future home. 

I would build this in our room next year in Shoe if my roommates let me, and if we had the room. ; )

Bright colors are one of my favorite things, and I have no clue what I am going to end up doing in my future home. Bright colors or simple and modern? Mix of both? Maybe!

Pretty sure this is a store, but my home is going to have bookshelves in every room full of books. 

Hey there chalkboard wall! For those of you that have seen my room, you know I have one in my room. I have big plans for it this summer!

I could move in right now. Can you tell I'm obsessed with pink a little?

Any renovation ideas you have for your future homes? Makeover plans for your rooms this summer? Let me know if you want me to focus on a specific idea, I would love to make inspiration boards for you!


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